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2017 Careers in the Manufacturing Industry

The best manufacturing jobs for 2017 offer good wages and have a high potential for career growth in the future. A closer look at the manufacturing industry shows that this industry has faced considerable advancement recently due to new technologies.

Currently, manufactured goods that are in use daily are created utilizing the latest technologies like robotics, computer-operated machinery and 3D printing. In the U.S., the manufacturing industry ranked as the ninth largest revenue-generating industry.

As of Q4, 2016, the Year-Over-Year Percentage Change in Pay for the manufacturing industry is 1.3% according to PayScale data. This data comes from manufacturing industries such as clothing, food, plastic products as well as petroleum refineries and sawmills. The PayScale Index is one of the most reliable and easiest ways to track quarterly changes in overall cash compensation for employees who work full-time in private industries in the US. The PayScale index for manufacturing industries is 111.3 in the last quarter of 2016, whereas in 2010, it was only 104.0. This implies that there is phenomenal growth in the manufacturing industry and that salaries in this industry are increasing yearly.

3D Printers
3D Printers Facilitate Manufacturing

Here are some of the top manufacturing industry careers for 2017, based on compensation, demand, and future potential. Data regarding the annual salaries of each job titles were obtained from PayScale...

Information Technology Manager, Average Annual Salary: $82,534

The role of the IT manager is to hire, supervise and provide training for IT department staff. The IT manager is also responsible for evaluating and studying modern technologies that can improve or upgrade existing technologies such as networks, servers, and other IT-related infrastructure tools. IT managers are capable of understanding computer programming concepts and are also good at problem solving. This job commonly requires you to have a master's degree in computer science.

Operations Manager, Average Annual Salary: $71,148

As an operations manager, one has to manage and observe cost of operations and make decisions regarding compensation, hiring of staff, standard operating procedures, and promotions. They are also in charge of one department or even the whole company operations. One can enjoy great job satisfaction as an operations manager.

Human Resources Manager, Average Annual Salary: $50,953

HR managers play a vital role in any manufacturing company. They spearhead the growth of the company and foresee its operation by supervising day-to-day activities. They often prepare a budget for the human resources department. The HR manager has responsibilities such as recruitment, compensation planning, employee management and employee training. If you have skills like organizational development and performance management, you will have a higher salary.

Mechanical Engineer, Average Annual Salary: $61,733

Mechanical engineers design and test equipment; they also do engineering work and
supervise product development and manufacturing. This job typically requires a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering or a masters degree in engineering. You may need some certifications like the EIT to distinguish yourself from other professionals in the field.

Human Resources Generalist, Average Annual Salary: $63,575

HR generalists manage daily human resources and regularly report to the managing director or the HR manager. The HR generalist is usually a college graduate with some working experience in business, management, communications or any related discipline. It is the duty of an HR generalist to determine employee compensation, do documentation and hold training programs for employees.

Working in the manufacturing industry offers stability, challenge, a competitive salary, a dynamic environment and other added benefits. Additional jobs in this industry include sales, business development, and marketing.


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