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Career in Technical Writing

The old adage that there’s no money in writing actually isn’t true. Technical writing is one type of writing that pays quite well – the average technical writer’s salary is $61,000 annually. For anyone who wants to make a living wordsmithing, this figure can make technical writing look like an attractive option. It takes more […]


Best 100 Companies Career Web Sites

The approximately eighty links below go directly to the career page on the websites of companies that have been identified by Fortune magazine as the best 100 companies to work for in 2017. The full list, containing complete profiles of each of the companies and links to their corporate website, can be reached through this […]

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2017 Careers in the Manufacturing Industry

The best manufacturing jobs for 2017 offer good wages and have a high potential for career growth in the future. A closer look at the manufacturing industry shows that this industry has faced considerable advancement recently due to new technologies. Currently, manufactured goods that are in use daily are created utilizing the latest technologies like […]

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Sous Chef Job Description

A sous chef job is the aspiration of most junior chefs. Since this job can be quite lucrative, it is crucial to understand the expectations of the sous chef position. A sous chef is second in the chain of command after the head chef. The sous chef is an expert chef who is the deputy […]


Millennials in the Workplace

This article is for businesses looking to hire young talent: how to find the best young employees to bring in as a part of their teams, including young freelancers as potential recruits.


Six Figure Jobs in Finance

The highest-paying jobs in finance can pay close to or above six figures annually.


A Professional Career in Nursing

With over 100,000 vacant positions and a ever-growing requirement for healthcare employees, career

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Selling to Executives Primer for Call Center Managers

If a sales team is unable to make successful requests for proposals (RFPs), close advantageous deals, attract and retain high-value customers and build strong relationships with them, call center managers need to…

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Executives and Second Careers

Marketing your expertise as a self-employed, independent professional, you can replace your income…

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Interviewing for a Professional Job

Your resume got your foot in the door. Now it’s time to prepare for the in-person job interview.

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