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Career in Technical Writing

The old adage that there’s no money in writing actually isn’t true. Technical writing is one type of writing that pays quite well – the average technical writer’s salary is $61,000 annually. For anyone who wants to make a living wordsmithing, this figure can make technical writing look like an attractive option. It takes more […]


Advanced Practice Nurse Careers

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses work hospitals, nursing management staff and departments at other types of organizations.


Six Figure Jobs in Finance

The highest-paying jobs in finance can pay close to or above six figures annually.


A Professional Career in Nursing

With over 100,000 vacant positions and a ever-growing requirement for healthcare employees, career

Become a nurse in 2016 and provide nursing care well into the future...

Dunkin’ Donuts Scholarship

Dunkin franchisees prefer scholarship applicants pursuing studies in business, food service, and hospitality industries because…

Dunkin' Donuts Scholarship applications are open until March 31st...

Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

A Bachelors degree in Business Administration helps students understand principles of industry.

Modern BBA degrees concentrate on technology-enabled business and communication...

MBA Degree Program Benefits

An intricate part of any MBA program is the leadership skills it teaches.


MBA Position Cover Letter

When you’re serious about your application, the best way to start is a well-written cover letter.

Many companies hiring MBAs will not consider you again if your initial application fails miserably. Do it right!

Your MBA Cover Letter needs to succeed at cutting through the competition like a knife...

Best Bachelor’s Degrees

Learn about bachelor’s degrees that have the potential to lead to high-paying, in-demand jobs, even in a recession. In a weakened economy, it is important to choose a college degree that will prepare you for a successful career.


Careers for Bachelors Degrees in Psychology

In 2008-2009, US based higher education institutions awarded 94,271 bachelor’s degrees in psychology, making it a ubiquitous field of study. Is there too much competition for too few jobs?