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Dunkin’ Donuts Scholarship

In many parts of America, Dunkin' Donuts is as ubiquitous as the spotlights. Students should consider getting free money for college from every organization that operates in their area. Scholarship money enables economically disadvantaged students to pursue their dream of educational opportunity. Because the pursuit of an American degree for many students has proven so difficult, several Dunkin' Donuts franchises offer scholarships to qualified local residents.

A college experience can offer a chance to exchange life experiences, cross-culture ideas, and expand horizons academically, socially and physically. Dunkin' Donuts franchisees play a great role in building the immediate community by helping students acquire quality education through scholarship. Being part of a Community Partnership Program and because of their strong commitment to the local community, the franchisees award scholarships to the eligible high school seniors.

In the past two decades, Dunkin Donuts has sponsored in excess of $2M in tuition assistance grants. In 2015, Dunkin Donuts will provide one hundred (100) $1,000 scholarships to college-bound high school seniors. One additional student will be surprised with a $20,000 tuition scholarship.

The scholarship recipients are selected from those qualified high school seniors who demonstrate well-rounded characters. These scholarships target average students who have made the most out of their high school lives and not necessarily those who are at the top of their class. Once the scholarship is open, the application forms are made available in the high school guidance offices and in Dunkin' Donuts stores.

TIPS FOR FRESHMEN! New college students who experience problems with classwork should get help immediately. College curricula are far more rigorous than high school. Failing, or doing poorly in a couple of classes could jeopardize scholarships. Free or low-cost tutoring is usually available on campus.

Dunkin' Donuts works in collaboration with New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and Scholarship America to evaluate all applicants and pick the most qualified ones to receive the awards. The Scholarship program is open to all the American students especially those in New Hampshire. Franchisees prefer students pursuing or interested in business careers, food service, and hospitality industries for the reason that they offer jobs to interested candidates upon graduation.

Dunkin' Scholarship Eligibility

As noted, the scholarship applications are evaluated and reviewed by New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.

The recipients are chosen based on financial need - those students who need the scholarship most are those who face financial challenges but excel academically. The applicant must demonstrate good leadership to be considered eligible for the scholarship. The candidates must have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.25.

The geographic areas of eligibility are Rhode Island, Massachusettes, Connecticut, and Greater Philadelphia, PA. Students can visit and enter their residential zip codes to determine if they are eligible.

FINANCIAL ADVICE! While it may be difficult, students should attempt to maintain a part-time job during their college years. Balancing work and studies might be challenging; however, the value of the additional deposits into ones college fund can't be underestimated. Reducing the amount of money owed after graduation will make life much easier -- a good reason to hang in there.

The merit factors include involvement of the candidates in paid work, community service, and school activities. Scholarship candidates must have plans to enroll in a full-time or part-time associate degree, bachelor's degree, or certificate program at an accredited institution of higher learning. It is much to the applicant's advantage to have some real-world work experience.

Every dollar counts when you are trying to fund your education. Don't miss the deadline to apply for this scholarship. Visit the Dunkin Scholarship link above for dates and eligibility or contact us with questions.

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