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Career in Technical Writing

Career in Technical Writing

The old adage that there's no money in writing actually isn't true. Technical writing is one type of writing that pays quite well - the average technical writer's salary is $61,000 annually. For anyone who wants to make a living wordsmithing, this figure can make technical writing look like an attractive option. It takes more to be a good technical writer than just knowing your grammar backwards and forwards, though. Technical writing requires a specialized skill set that not every good writer possesses.

First and foremost, technical writers need to have good writing and communication skills. Many people in this field have bachelor's degrees, communications, or journalism. No one wants to read a how-to manual or user guide that's riddled with punctuation errors or that's too confusing to follow, so a good grasp of language is a must. Technical writers also need to have a knack for being clear and concise in their writing. The heart of this job involves distilling a complicated process or application into simple, step-by-step prose that the average user can understand without difficulty, so a straightforward style is required for this type of writing.

As important as writing skills are, it's equally important that technical writers understand the type of technology they're writing about. Most technical writers specialize in one particular discipline, such as the medical field, finance, or software. It's essential for a writer to understand their area of specialization inside and out so that they can produce writing that's comprehensible to lay people. Many technical writers worked in their field of technology before taking up writing, and some have science or technology degrees. If you're a good writer but tech-averse, look into taking classes or getting a job to learn about the type of technology you're interested in writing about.

To succeed as a technical writer, it's necessary to have a calm, methodical mindset. Technical writing involves a lot of testing, troubleshooting, and repetitive, detailed work. If you're the type of person who gets bored easily or requires novelty at your job, this career might not agree with you. Technical writers need to be patient enough to work through problems and bugs without getting frustrated, willing to learn all the ins and outs of whatever they're writing about, and painstakingly thorough to make sure they've covered every aspect of using an appliance or a program.

A final, often-overlooked skill that technical writers need to have is the ability to communicate well in person. Technical writers often have to meet with clients and discuss their goals and expectations for an assignment. It's important for writers to build rapport with clients and understand what they need from a particular project. Technical writers should also be diligent about keeping up with their communication, updating clients about how projects are going, and promptly addressing any difficulties that arise during the course of a project.

Technical writing can be a lucrative and rewarding career for people who enjoy writing and technology. With the more recent focus on website content, many technical writers qualify for professional SEO services. To succeed in this field, you'll need not just technical expertise and writing ability but also the ability to communicate well with others and focus on details. If you have these traits, this career might be a good fit for you.

Business Promotion

Business Promotion


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Economic and Employment Climate in the Southwest USA

Economic and Employment Climate in the Southwest USA

Part I. Oklahoma

Labor/Employment Climate in Oklahoma

In March 2018, the unemployment rate in Oklahoma was 3.3%, .5% lower than the national average of 3.8% in the same period. The unemployment has been on a significant downward trend, an indication of job creation in the state. The construction industry saw a significant increase in jobs by seeing a 5.9% increase in employment, followed by the mining and logging industry which had a 5.7% increase. Conversely, there was a 2.7% decrease in jobs in the information industry followed by the manufacturing industry with a 2.4% decrease.

Wages Report

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2017, the average hourly wage was $21.76, which fell 11% short of the national average hourly wage of $24.34. Despite the overall difference, the production industry maintained a higher average wage than the national average in the same category.

Employment Outlook

What does this mean for job seekers? For starters, there is an optimistic outlook on the employment rate. Given that there has been a strong downward trend since 2012, we can expect to see this rate decreasing and more jobs created. The industries in which will be leading in creating these jobs are the logging and construction industries, followed by government employment.

For those who may still find themselves out of work, filing for unemployment benefits may be helpful to weathering the period in between jobs. To qualify for Oklahoma benefits, the claimant must meet the criteria described below.

Unemployment Benefits

To qualify for Oklahoma unemployment benefits a prior employee must be unemployed at the time of filing for claims or must be working less than full-time hours and earning less income than projected weekly benefit amount from the claim. Must have lost a job by circumstances outside the claimant's control. Must be actively seeking work, available and physically able to work.

The above paragraph cites some of the eligibility requirements for Oklahoma unemployment benefits. Upon submitting the claim and receiving a decision from the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission, claimants have an option to appeal a failed application within 10 days of receiving the decision. If the claim application was successful, the claimant can expect to receive a debit card from the commission within 7 to 10 days of the notification of approval. This card is one option to the method of receiving the claimant's benefits.

Alternatively, one can choose to receive the payments by a personal prepaid debit card or a by a direct transfer to a personal bank account. An important item to remember is that claims must be filed weekly upon approval from the commission in order to receive weekly benefits. Included in weekly claims are any incomes earned from part-time work which are then considered in calculating the claim payments.

The commission offers a robust set of support services for unemployed persons. Re-employment services are geared towards enabling the unemployed to sharpen their skills through job skills workshops and aid in the search for suitable work.



Professional Online CV Translation

Professional Online CV Translation

What’s involved in professional on-line CV Translation?

For job applications, while the creation of CVs, PDF is that the preferred used file format within the world without delay since this could be simply viewed free on all types of computers, smartphones, and tablets and is often used for distributing CVs throughout job applications. You will be able to read PDF files as a result of Adobe distributes jock Reader freed from charge. Other than this, you'll be able to conjointly read PDF files in any language in spite of what the settings of your software may be. However, the most drawback of PDF files is that the undeniable fact that these can not be amended, that sometimes isn't a giant issue for CV files. this implies that if you wish or ought to translate a PDF file that you only physically have that you had to scan first, you have got to convert this into associate editable file format like MS Word with the utilization of associate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) application.

The Workflow of CV Translation

When you place your order for a on-line professional CV translation service, they'll 1st OCR your PDF file then send you the ultimate translated documents within the MS Word format that has constant page layout as your original PDF file. it's necessary to notice that ever your PDF file is embedded with some non-editable graphics, you have got to raise the translator for your PDF-formatted CV document on-line if they'll translate these graphics further. you'll be able to conjointly specifically request for this after you place your order. it'd be best to ascertain if further charges can apply for this service.

Since PDF translation isn't one thing you'll be able to simply do on your own, you would possibly wish to seem for a reliable PDF file translator for your cv translation service wants that has enough expertise and data of the work. it'd be knowing select an organization that has already translated thousands of PDF files in numerous languages and subjects. Check if they need worked on monetary reports, legal documents, MSDS, technical manuals, test documents, medical reports, and patents.

As always, work with solely the most effective translator PDF on-line that provides quality cv translation services at the most effective costs. This way, you'll be able to expect for quality results that won’t leave you foiled.

Best 100 Companies Career Web Sites

Best 100 Companies Career Web Sites

The approximately eighty links below go directly to the career page on the websites of companies that have been identified by Fortune magazine as the best 100 companies to work for in 2017.

The full list, containing complete profiles of each of the companies and links to their corporate website, can be reached through this link.

Descriptions and information appearing below each of the links were curated from the named company's primary website, and is current as of 03/2017. This list is not in any order whatsoever.

Best Jobs for Nurses: Nurse Practitioners are qualified to provide a wide range of acute and primary health care services and can diagnose and treat medical conditions similar to those performed by physicians; this includes writing prescriptions.


Intuit Careers: Explore Career and Job Opportunities at Intuit

At Intuit we hire exceptional people in software engineering, user experience, data analytics, product management and sales. Start your career at Intuit today. · Software Engineering · Interns & Early · Product Management · Design & User Experience · Information Technology · Data

Careers - Acuity

This role offers an opportunity to create next-gen, energy efficient, intelligent, wired & wireless lighting control systems for commercial & industrial applications.Acuity Brands · Benefits and Perks · Recent College Graduates. Acuity Brands offers career opportunities throughout every region of the United States, Canada and Mexico. Contact us about exploring a career near you.

Work For Weekley - David Weekley Homes

Explore Opportunities. Build Great Homes · Sell Great Homes · Support Our Teams · Develop Your Career · Explore Our Job Positions. · Explore Opportunities · Benefits & Perks · Locations · Work For Weekley · Search Jobs

Edward Jones Careers

Looking for investment and financial specialists, offers for students and recent graduates. A recruiting arm of Edward Jones brokerage.

Salesforce Jobs and Careers - Join the ... -'s social and mobile cloud technologies are helping companies connect with their customers, partners and employees in entirely new ways. Technology · Business · Futureforce · Careers - Careers. Salesforce helps companies connect with their customers in a whole new way.

PwC: US: Careers: Main

PwC is all about you. Your personal and professional development, your achievement, your life-long learning, your individuality and your choices. Come explore ...Experienced · Campus · Executive · Military and veterans. Your career is just that: yours. You choose it. You live it. You make it happen. To get the best from it, you need the best opportunities.

Careers Page - CHG Healthcare Services

Careers. A Winning Culture. At CHG Healthcare, we are guided by five core ... for a position at CHG Healthcare Services is through our website and we would ...Job Search · Application Process · Benefits · Training. The only way to apply for a position at CHG Healthcare Services is through our website.

Careers :

When you join Camden, you are not a number. Enjoy the support of your team as you explore new ideas and master the skills that move your career forward.

PerkinElmer Corporate Careers

This may not have been included in Fortune's Best 100 list (check this); however, they have a really cool-looking headquarters building [below]. Since we're using their picture, we thought it was fair to list them here. Besides, it looks like a good place to work. Use the comment section below to tell us if this is correct.

Perkin Elmer Headquarters
PerkinElmer Corporate Headquarters

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